A bunch of my animation work from the Jimmy Neutron Show

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I didn't work on this but the company I work for did, and a bunch of my friends worked on it, including Mr. Mark Behm, who I used to work with down at DNA. I've seen it and it is really funny. Its gotten a bunch of good reviews already. Set your Tivo's.

Friday, November 16, 2007


here's a new page of random drawings... some of them are inspired by real people... and some are just plain fake and made up... enjoy

Sunday, November 11, 2007


The past few weeks on my way to work I have seen this guy dressed as a giant sandwich dancing right near the entrance to the highway. He carries a big sign for Specialty's Deli that he skillfully spins above his head. So of course I took a picture...
and then the next day I took some video... and then went and got a breakfast sandwich... where I asked them how long dancing sandwich man was going to be there... they said he'd probably be there for a while... since most of their business was coming in because of him... people would come in all day saying... "well I had to try the place, there's a giant dancing sandwich out there"

here's the video I took of the very talented dancing sandwich man...

... and OH MY GOD... it was an AMAZING BREAKFAST SANDWICH... So thank you dancing sandwich man for introducing me to a great new breakfast sandwich place. I will be in your debt forever.

here's a picture of the delicious breakfast sandwich...
perhaps he could use a giant dancing banana in his act

Saturday, November 10, 2007

another new drawing... shotgun mustache guy... (click for a bigger image)

here is a silly looking guy with a giant shotgun... shotguns are my favorite video game weapon of choice... which is my only annoyance with TEAM FORTRESS... it lacks a good shotgun that can blow someone away with one hit at close range... a really good shotgun in a video game should be able to blow away multiple baddies with one shot... as long as they are right in front of you and within about 5 feet... that's the whole thing when you're battling it out with a shotgun toting enemy... you keep your distance from him and you will beat him... but if he gets close, you're done... a thing that TF is sorely lacking... but Call of Duty 4 has it... I played the demo the other day, and the shotgun at point blank range is death... YAY... I'm very excited about that game... and about shooting my friends with shotguns... oh and you can buy it from STEAM... which means if you launch it from steam people can see when you are in the game... right click on your name and join it... which I think is brilliant

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween at PDI


corey dressed up like the ma-na-mi-na muppet guy
my podmate eunjin did not dress up... for shame eunjin
my other podmate mark did dress up... as that guy from RENO 911 ...and won the costume contest... and also disturbed us all... but we were still very proud of him... podmate is a wierd term... I should stop using itchris sort of dressed up

rani's costume was the best of all

banana at lunch
for lunch I had a banana
things got ugly after the alleged banana canibalism... that reno 911 guy came after me
excessive force
police brutality
after I was cleared of all charges... I decided to blow off some steam with some banana basketball

here is a pickle in human form... and mariana was kiki from kiki's delivery service
there's me as a banana... cory as the muppet... mark as the reno guy... and katrina as a hippie zombie with her pet zombie monkey that bit her face... I told her to keep that damn monkey away from me... cause we all know what monkeys eat
this girl was dressed as the girl from king kong wrapped in kong's giant gorilla hand... during the contest she did an amazing acting job... re-enacting the crazy shaking about from the film... the picture does not do it justice... she won the costume contest too
rex was a hillbilly witch... his accent was brilliant... but alas I can not represent it in blog form