A bunch of my animation work from the Jimmy Neutron Show

Sunday, September 28, 2008

sculpture and me

i went to the de-something museum today to see some famous glass sculpture guys stuff and then we saw this cool sculpture of me... neat

Saturday, September 27, 2008

my flipbook... bear vs pig

we just finished a 3 day workshop at work with james baxter... at the end of it... he gave us all pads of paper and gave us an hour and twenty minutes to make a flipbook about anything... so i made this... and i won best overall flipbook... yay... it was really fun... then i thought it'd be equally fun to take a picture of each frame and make it a quicktime movie... that was not as fun... and turned out to be quite painful... trying to keep my camera steady above the pages... by the end my back was killing me... anyway... here it is... bear vs pig... complete with blurry photos and shaky cam

Saturday, September 13, 2008

i went to rome and florence this past april... here's some fantastic super amazing professional videos i took... it will feel like your actually there

here's some video from when i was in the pantheon in rome...

and here's the trevi fountain... by bernini and some dudes... a strange poka dot umbrella makes an appearance in this contreversial video... this crappy storebought umbrella cut my hand 3 or 4 times... it is currently resting in a dump somewhere

this was the street that my hotel was on... here's me walking back to the hotel...

here's the passing italian landscape on my bus trip from rome to florence

here's the square in florence with all the famous michealangelo sculptures and bunches of other famous dead artist sculptures... i went here with a big bus tour group

i think this was the vatican... i can't really remember... but if it is... i walked here twice from my hotel... the first time it was just closing... and i couldn't get in... and i talked to some guards... and they were nice

i walked up some stairs and got a nice view of some of rome... the trees you see here actually grow pepperoni pizzas

here's the ruins near the coliseum... i got really lost trying to find a way to walk down there... i never actually figured it out... and i was running out of time before i had to catch my plane to scotland

here's the coliseum... it didn't looks at all what i thought it would look like... most of it is in ruins and destroyed... there's little bits of it that are being restored though... in the middle you can see there's a whole bunch of underground rooms that were actually underneath the main floor... there were trap doors and stuff that the animals would be raised up from... pretty neat

here's the piazza navona... which was the piazza right near my hotel... at least i'm pretty sure where this is... its been a while since my trip... anyway... a piazza is a big square where lots of streets meet... or something like that... piazza also sounds like pizza... i like pizza... but for the record... new york pizza and chicago pizza is way better than rome pizza... yuck

here's some random street in rome... where a random group of singers are singing songs