A bunch of my animation work from the Jimmy Neutron Show

Thursday, January 29, 2009

all my clothes gone

its all chinese new years fault

we went to drop off 2 weeks of my clothes
at the chinese wash and fold place
but even though they had the open sign up
they were closed

so i forgot and left the laundry bag in the backseat

and that night


they broke the window and stole all my clothes

so i went to target and bought 300 dollars
worth of replacement black shirts and jeans

but most of my special animation shirts are gone
except for my monsters vs aliens, wallace and gromit, ratatouille and horton shirts

but nemo was my favorite... so sad...
i think i can sort of replace it though...
my old pixar pals are helping me out tomorrow...

i hope i can somehow replace the madagascar ones

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

chrismas at my apartment... phil took some cool wide angle lens photos

where's jimmy?... see if you can find him
MEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i did not partake... but there was freakin amazing tofurkey... which i had not had before... sooooooo good
dane playing peekaboo
intense christmas carlos
white elephant gift exchange christmas presents... too many remotes... and HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPOS... one of the greatest games since the old gladiator battles of yore
my living room in wide angle
munny... this was eventually stolen from kristie... she cried for days
phil's first white elephant gift exchange... those ausies are so deprived... wait... they have tim tams... those lucky bastards
AAAAHHHHH... that's the thing i wanted... ugly dolls rock

dane won my howl's moving castle and potato chips present
its rani and carlos... we played lots of mario tennis... but there are no pictures of it... but i think carlos discovered it was even more addictive than halo... he didn't want to stop playing... rani looks a little like luigi actually

Thursday, January 15, 2009

here's some of phil's photos from mark donald's birthday dinner and movie aterwards... YAY

we went to bangkok bay thai... one of my favorite places for pad thai in the bay area... mark donald's from my homeland of glasgow scotland... which isn't really my homeland... but i will continue to pretend it is
we got him to drink the funny looking orange thai iced tea... quite good
rani stroking his occasional beard
... more stroking
here's dave and jess... they just got a new place in south san francisco... yay... not hayward
happy rani... not stroking his beard

phil-tographer and yvonne... i may have spelled it right this time... maybe
chris and me pretending to laugh at something
mark pretending to laugh at something
kristie with an endless supply of glassware
i must be saying something horribly interesting here
dave partaking in some illusionist eyeball water magic
this is not the movie we went to see... we saw yes-man... a far different film than the sure to be fun but crappy remake of friday the 13th
yes-man was actually really good... despite it being like a strangely similar almost sequel to liar liar
here's the birthday boy... no more birthdays for you after friday the 13th

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

my new music... on the side of my blog... USE HEADPHONES (sounds better)

i just finished a new album... kristie helped me put it all in player format... she also made me noodles... best girlfriend ever...
here's the link to all the albums on my main website
let me know if you like any of the songs