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Sunday, September 12, 2010

NEW DRAWINGS!!! PANDAS!!! we had an art night the other night at eunjin's... and i drew a bunch of pandas... then i came home and colored them all

panda wizard
sure-shot panda

panda spear-warden

mercenary panda

panda knight

panda healer

panda giant

panda general

panda flame-master

fighting panda monk

yay pandas!!!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

more maui pictures... taken by kristie

we snorkeled with sea turtles at this very location... i tried to ask them how old they were but i can't talk very well under water... so i don't think they understood

much beach-walking was had

it wasn't me... it was the one-armed man... or a sea turtle

this is how i felt for most of the trip... i decided this was less of a vacation and more of an adventure challenge

here is the rental tank i drove around... i look like a tiny bug next to it

rental tank DB pose

ssssshhhhhh... the trees need their sleep

jungles can be scary

riding the rocks!

purty sunset clouds

our completed hunt for average tasting hawaiian ice cream

the once a month friday street fair... it was really cool... lots of music... and hula dancing... and people brought their dogs

nobody home?

many warning signs everywhere... maui must be a highly dangerous place... this one boat captain said... "america is great... the land of freedom... and litigation"... i enjoyed that statement

minor league cliff jumping

its dangerous to go to the gazebo alone... you receive kitteh

we left some maia instructions for rani, phil and carlos... they were kind enough to team up and watch our puppy... here is the last bit of the instructions

i'm on a boat!

goat cheese ravioli at the sonz restaurant at the hayat

sitting at breakfast at the gazebo restaurant... AMAZING white chocolate macadamia nut pancakes... way better than MAMAs in san francisco

dinner at lahaina grill... one of dave's recommendations... kristie said it was the best mahi mahi she'd ever had... she said it was like butter... i say its like fish murder... but its a matter of opinion

we had dim sum right after we got back to san fran... 5 orders of delicious custard buns... maui was missing these important items

here's proof we were at sonz... there actually were swans watching us eat our food... it was pretty cool... but i'd imagine feelings of guilt might pang at the hearts of those enjoying a nice juicy duck or chicken

fish sculptures near this yummy breakfast place we stopped at on the road to hana... the breakfast place was called anthony's coffee... it made me think of you anthony... but i don't really know if you like coffee or not... or if you'd like hawaii... you are from the UK... so all the sun and heat might cause you to spontaneously combust

there was a cool waterfall here... around the end of the road to hana... i do recommend the trip down the road... but... and this is a big but... i would never ever do it again... it is the windiest road you'll ever drive... and it seems like it will go on until you die of old age... kristie got super car sick... even with the amazing suspension of the rental tank

at the sharaton hotel... sunset cliff divers are far away and hard to see

on the boat taking us out for snorkel adventures... this complimentary cinnamon bun was so good... i didn't know what facial expression to make

this kitty was waiting in a very dangerous spot... right behind someone's back tire... this was just outside the lahaina grill... apparently they feed him at the end of every night... SUPER CUTE!... you are a champion daredevil cat! you're reward shall be delicious mahi mahi

can't... blog... in... jungle... no... reception

blue steel!... maui style!

black sand beach cove for the hawaiian goths

after a long hunt... i finally got someone to give me a banana colada... these were much easier to find in honolulu... i don't know why maui hates banana coladas... how can anyone hate them... they are beyond delicious... beyond anything your dreams could ever imagine... although... actually... kristie's chocolate monkey drink was even better... she promised to make one soon... i will hold her to that promise... her very life and the lives of everyone she holds dear could depend on it... or not

at the friday once a month festival... i partook in a highly awesome bean and cheese burrito... we will not speak of what happened later as a result of this fantastic burrito

yay maui!!!

number one activity... roosters and cats living together

number two activity... swimming with 80 year old sea turtles

number three activity... taking a long nap when i got home (getting old)