Saturday, August 19, 2006

Tony Jay Died

One of my all time favorite voice actors died on thursday. I always secretly hoped I'd one day get to animate to his voice. Well, maybe not secretly. I remember when I was working on the jimmy neutron show I kept mentioning his name to my animation supervisors and telling them they should get the nickelodeon people to make him the voice of one of the villains. But alas, it was not to be. Some of the voices he did, was the narrator in world of warcraft... the bad guy Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame... the insane asylum guy from Beauty and the Beast... Chairface Chippendale in The Tick, Megabyte from Reboot... Voice of supreme being in Time Bandits... Shere Khan from Tailspin... he played Anubis (egyptian god of Death) in an awesome episode of Gargoyles... and he was a bunch of voices in one of my favorite old games... Kings Quest 6. Oh and he was the middle giant head at the end of MY STEPMOTHER IS AN ALIEN. But that's not really a voice acting job. He was actually physically in that one.
Anyway, he was an awesome voice actor, and had one of the most memorable and powerful cartoon voices ever.

here's his IMDB profile, where you can see every voice he's ever done, except for Tailspin, cause they don't have that listed, but I looked it up just to make sure.

and here's the article about his death

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