Tuesday, December 26, 2006

christmas in new york with my crazy parents

I'm spending christmas in new york with my crazy dad and less crazy step mom. Here's some pictures of us terrorizing the manhattan streets...

this is the giant christmas tree at rockefeller center behind us... don't try to climb to the top, or the cops will break your legs

me and my crazy dad

that's the st patrick cathedral ceiling behind my face... the cathedral looked so nice with all the christmas decorations, which uh... you can't see in this photo... also, i have no idea who that guy with the glasses is

more cathedral without my face...they were doing a christmas service in latin... i don't speak latin so that made it particularly hard to follow along

my dad, listening to jazz on an ipod jukebox that he is very proud of owning


sarah said...

Merry Christmas Alex! Looks like you are having a fun trip :) Hope you have a good New Years too!

sir_tubby said...

Hope you had a great christmas buddy! Cool pics! Thats awesome your dad goes around carrying a ghetto blaster, blasting jazz music. Hope we see you back in the hood for newyears!

Kristie said...

Merry Christmas Alex!

sir_tubby said...

Kristie, I would wish you and Burke a Merry Christmas on his blog, but unfortunately I think your husband blocked me from posting or something cuz I can't post on his site. so... Merry Christmas! Burke, I forgive you, though the wounds will take some time to heal.

Alex Fleisig said...

ha ha... poor patrick... let him post again burker. happy almost new year everybody.