Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Some pictures from my trip to seattle last weekend

frasier may have once eaten at this restaurant... also there's a bunch of old dna folks here too... what are they doing in seattle... oh they work here now

here we all are in Seattle... home of Frasier
its tom saville and his twin sister brian menz

I'm riding the same monorail that frasier rode in that episode where he is supposed to get to the space needle to recieve the key to the city... but then the monorail breaks down and he doesn't make it... but this monorail didn't break down... and I didn't recieve a key to the city

the space needle!!!!
a very clever little picture by burke

tom's all like, "why shouldn't I jump? I'm superman."

more space needliness

leaving the space needle feels sad

more hot monorail action... if you flip these two pictures over and over its like animation

karaoke silliness at the burkes

matthew and brian are confused by my fancy new camera

exploring bellevue... which is a really really nice little city

we finished off the trip by convincing brian to eat at the number one rated indian restaurant in seattle... brian only eats cheeseburgers and sandwiches... so this was a big moment for him

he ate it all

all full of indian food and ready to go home

2 comments: said...

In googling 'fleisig' I came across your blog and animition site. Terrific stuff.
Len Fleisig

GreyCoyote said...

Thanks for posting those pictures Alex, that was kind of a blast from the past for me. (I know, its only been a couple years, but that's still the past.) You guys are all lookin' good-- If I've said it once I've said it 1000 times, Brian Menz is a very attractive man-- and its good to know you're all still out there kickin' ass in the industry. I'm sorry you didn't get the key to the city, but maybe next time.

"leaving the space needle feels sad." I almost spit pop all over my laptop.

- Mike