Sunday, March 25, 2007


I watched ninja turtles tonight, and it was more awesome then I could have imagined. If you liked the old cartoon, I think you will love this movie. It's extremely fun and super awesome, the fights are great, and the action is really well animated. It only has a 28 percent on rotten tomatoes though, so maybe most people won't like it as much as I did. Bert loved it. Andrew Burke loved it. And I loved it. I want to see it again tomorrow. Also, some of my old DNA friends worked on it at reel fx. I saw sean ermey and ray chase and tim hatchers names. Those were the only ones I caught. Anyone else work on it? Also this movie proves once and for all that raphael is the best turtle ever. That is all.


Mish said...

no, Donatello was the best! Raph sucks!

oh, and menz hated this movie of course. i think you should call him up and tell him how awesome you think it was.

Bobby Pontillas said...

Yeah Ray posted some great shots of April on his blog, really nice stuff!
Cant wait to check this one out.

studmuffin said...

i agree with mish. donatello = best.

raphael? okay, but a tad disgruntled.

leonardo, too one dimensional and

michelangelo? l.a.m.e.