Monday, March 26, 2007


Here's a bunch of pics of our big wine country adventures on Sunday. Thanks to Carolyn's family for showing us around. Thanks to Patrik and Amila for driving. Thanks to Bert for wearing his awesome Pink shirt. And thanks to PJ for being PJ.

this is the first place we went to... it had a big barrel at the entrance... alas there was no wine in that barrel

Here we are heading up to take our first gulp of wine.

PJ speaks passionately about his love of the white wine. Bert is thinking, "not again."

PJ shows us what its all about. Pretending to drink wine from an empty glass.

Bert wanted to measure the length of the grape fields, which took a while. Look at his awesome pink shirt. Isn't it awesome.

Look, its another winery. This one was fancier.

they gave us a grand old tour of the wine basement. Everyone asked lots of questions. I asked some really good ones, but it was Patrik that received the "that's a really great question" award. Good job Patrik. You win this round.

Here we are all together, like one big happy broken family that just drank alot of wine.

aren't they adorable

bert gives this winery a big korean thumbs up

I bought this really good zinfendel for 34 dollars. I geuss it had better be good for that kind of money... I could've gotten a used video game. I'm pretty sure amila is about to fall over here.

at the next winery Patrik was bitten by a zombie

but then we killed the zombie therebye curing patrik... so amila fell asleep... and PJ transformed into a muppet monster... we were all really worried because bert's head was about to explode

here's the last and final winery we exploited

my mission was to take more pictures than carolyn... also to drink alot of wine

a final huddle... after this it was off to see teenage mutant ninja turtles... which is an awesome movie by the way... go see it... or die trying


pjleffelman said...

If I'm ever in need of captions, I'm heading your way Alex.

Bert said...

Don't be afraid of being Pinkish- anyway, it was a blast- Thanks for everybody- We're bro like a real bro- yup-

Carolyn said...

What about me? No thanking me??? you thanked everyone but me :'(... and where was i for those group pics of just your heads :'( (again)... and, I think you failed on the taking more pics than me. Just wait for my blog... and pj's gallery.

Alex Fleisig said...

sorry carolyn... I couldn't thank you... you were my picture taking nemesis for the day