Sunday, April 01, 2007

Last Day at Pixar

Friday was the last day of work for alot of us at Pixar. We're all finished with our "run of show" time. So I took lots of pictures of people I'll miss, waving goodbye.
Here's me infront of my office... goodbye office... goodbye giant bobby head taped to my office.
My office buddies nick and lindsay waving goodbye. Lindsay can finally move to my side of the room and not have to smell nick's farts.
Amila and Youngjae waving goobye from their office.

Bobby waving goodbye like a girl.

this office contains a patrik and a stephen... bye guys

goodbye ross... this is one of the guys that fixes my computer after nick and lindsay do a practical joke that goes horribly wrong.

kevin didn't want to wave goodbye... he just wanted to duel

bye arik

bye scott... I'll come visit you in LA

bye toaster

then they took us out for pizza and beer... and we took the super awesome rented van

one last goodbye to mike and sully... now its off to new adventures


3DBurke said...

Mike is totally checking out Sully's crotch.

youngjae said...

bye alex.. i will miss you very much.

Mish said...

why does youngjae look so scared in that van pic? did scott "do things" to him again?

Anonymous said...

Hi Alex, big fan of your work. It's sad to see that you had to leave Pixar.

I am very curious how come you were not hired there full time? Are all new animators hired for a short period of time only? How exactly does it work over there?

Thank you very much.