Friday, May 25, 2007

First few hours in Paris

When I got to the hotel in Paris, they told me my room wouldn't be ready for about 5 hours... which is not a fun thing to hear after being on a plane for 13 hours. So, despite being in a horrible state of exhaustion, I did my first bit of random wandering around the city. Here are some pictures from the first part of my paris adventure.


my hotel was right near this ARC DE TRIUMPH thing... 5 different french people told me five different ways to pronounce it... each of them convinced it was the correct way... if you've ever had art history then I'm sure you had a question about this on a test

they made this statue of some french guy who liked to walk... he was famous for it I geuss

there's lots of pretty buildings in Paris... almost too many pretty buildings... hmmm
I quickly learned that people drive cars in Paris... I drive a car as well... I imediately knew I would have much in common with these frenchies

getting sleepier

I'm pretty sure this means "THE GRAND PALACE"... don't quote me on that though

a french lion made of rock

ooo ooo... that's one of the things I came here to see

there it is again... but this time... further away

the river seine... i think I spelled that right... by this point I was going inSEINE with sleepiness... ba dum ching

lots of bicycles in paris... no muppets riding bycycles though

I think it took me took me about 20 minutes to walk from where I took this picture to that building... I think that's the building where napolean is buried. But it cost money to go see his tomb... and I didn't even know the guy.

napolean encased in carbonite

I stopped in to faint from from exhaustion... maybe they could lay me to rest right next to mr bonepart... I probably spelled that wrong too

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Amila said...

yay! more paris pics:) And, as usual, I love your narration! That sucks that you had to wait so long for your room though:(