Sunday, May 06, 2007


I was very excited about eating the food in France... I'd heard so many great things about it... unfortunately most restaurants and cafes don't cater very well to vegetarians... so I ate alot of bread and cheese and really good deserts... When I went to Scotland though I got all my favorite old UK sandwiches, like Brie and Cranberry, the BK bean and cheese burger, and veggie hagaas... my camera ran out of juice in the UK, so there's not many UK food pictures.

wine in front of the eiffel tower... my hotel was right near here... the wine in paris is great, but I wouldn't say its better then the wine I've had in Northern California.

burger king in london... they have this ridiculously good vegetarian bean and cheese burger... I've only ever seen it in the UK... please god, make burger king bring it to america

iron bru... this is mostly just a scottish soda... they say there's 2 spoonfuls of sugar in each can... and kids who drank this from a young age pretty much were gauranteed to have bad teeth... but man does this stuff taste awesome

an egg salad bagguette on top of the eiffel tower

french fries on top of the eiffel tower

this is a desert called a paris brest... its kind of messy... and tasty... this pidgeon wanted it

I ate alot of cheese and baguettes... the camembert cheese was really good... and the goat cheese... yummy

Here's another egg salad baguette thing with fries, a fanta, and grey poupon... it seemed like they ate grey poupon with everything over there... I even asked a waiter if he happened to have any grey poupon, but he didn't understand me... I geuss its called something else there

for some reason being in Europe makes me want to drink Fanta... maybe its because its advertised on every block... anyway, I couldn't get enough of it

creme brulee'... mmm... cremy

a cheese baguette sandwich... and some wine

chocolate mouse and some cookie stick thing... this was really good... and more wine

french chocolate banana ice cream at the rodin museum

I thought this was a funny thing to see in Paris... Indiana Tex Mex... I didn't eat there... this is a good example of how everybody in Paris sits at these outdoor cafes... most people would sit there for 3 or 4 hours just smoking and drinking... alot of people smoke in Paris


pjleffelman said...

Next time I go home to Chicago I'm going to have to swing by Indiana for some sweet Tex-Mex.

Oddly enough, there is a restaurant called Texas Roadhouse which is all about authentic Texan food. Its first location is in Indiana however. :O

sir_tubby said...

somehow I knew the egg salad sandwich would find its way into your hands.great pics Alex, I wanna see more! what exactly is authentic texan food. Is it basically Texican food?

Mish said...

so...when in france, eat french fries?

this is pretty much what you eat every day!