Thursday, July 12, 2007

animation mentor class of 2007

here's some of the stuff from the animation mentor class of 2007... there's some beautiful work in here... its very inspiring to see students doing stuff of this caliber.

here's a short by one of the students... Dan Segarra...
He was mark behm's student for a bit, and later melanie cordan's.
Its got some amazing animation in it.
I'm curious if he's working somewhere now.


pjleffelman said...

That short makes me want to buy a sheep.

Those AM students are pretty darned spiffy to make stuff so fun to watch. I loved the ones from Back to the Future, Lost and the one about the last hope. Thanks for posting this stuff Alex.

Alex Fleisig said...

yay comments
comments make me happy

also that sheep animation makes me happy

I'm going to watch it again

RayChase said...

Kristina, Manfred and Pako were in my class 2.....sniff..they grow up so fast

Alex Fleisig said...

oh cool
I'll have to go through
and see which shots were their's