Saturday, July 28, 2007

movies I saw recently that I thought were great

here's some movies I saw recently that I thought were all excellent and definitely worth your time...
the director of this new harry potter is the same guy that directed a really great little film called "girl in the cafe"... I think it was an HBO movie... I saw it on dvd, and it is great... if you get a chance... check out girl in the cafe... oh, and the new harry potter... that's great too... its a much darker and more character driven film than the last one... which will appeal to some more than others
i love John Cusack... that guy needs to win an academy award someday... or if he doesn't I'll make one for him out of rice krispies and send it to him... 1408 is a really smartly written movie, that is sort of billed as a horror movie, but is much more... you should go see this one... its got a brilliant premise... and cusack's performance is top notch ratatouille is a really great little animated movie, that I got to work on a little bit in my last 4 1/2 months at pixar... the great thing about it is that its not a huge over the top animation extravaganza... its just a really sweet simple movie with great acting and great writing... I haven't met anyone that's seen it, that hasn't liked it
I thought shrek the 3rd was really underrated by the critics... this movie was really funny... and exactly what I wanted from a shrek experience... its got some excellent animation and it makes you laugh at least once every few minutes... and occasionally makes you laugh so hard your guts might spill out all over the place... and how can you not love the characters... there's so many strong memorable characters in these films... (donkey, puss n boots, gingy, pinocchio... the 3 pigs)... I'd definitely recommend checking skrek the third out, if you haven't already
knocked up was awesome... a great great comedy... and just a solid movie all around... its up there with wedding crashers and 40 year old virgin... try to see it before it disappears from theatres
the fourth die hard is not as good as the first or third but a million times better than the second... I got exactly what I wanted from a die hard movie with this one... lots of crazy over the top die hard action... and the mac kid is pretty good in it too... there's some story silliness sometimes but plenty of great action scenes to make up for it... if you are a die hard fan go see this movie... i had to pee for the last 2/3rds of the movie but I held it in because I didn't want to miss anything... that's how good this movie is... and I learned a valuable lesson about getting a soda at the theatre... never do it... milkshakes are okay though

and this one comes out on dvd august 7th... i loved TMNT when i saw it in theatres and can't wait to watch it again on dvd... don't judge it before you watch it... the movie stays really true to the characters... and doesn't let you down if you used to be a really big ninja turtle fan... unlike another film about giant robots


Carolyn said...

I cant believe you would recommend TMNT and Shrek, but not fantastic four. :-O

Alex Fleisig said...

if your into the fantastic 4 comics then I think you'd like both fantastic 4 movies... but I don't know anyone else that reads the comics besides me... the films are pretty true to the characters... that's why I like them so much