Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Odin Sphere and GrimGrimoire

So I'm still playing odin sphere, which is amazing... made by a japanese studio called vanillaware... they just came out with a new game called GrimGrimoire.

I'm going to try to finish odin sphere first... but GrimGrimoire is getting great reviews too, and has the same sort of cool 2d visual style of odin sphere... except its presented more like an RTS. Below is the english trailer for grim grimoire.

check it out... and if you haven't checked out odin sphere yet... I highly, highly recommend it... its still the best new game you can buy right now. One cool thing about these games, is that everything is spoken... you don't have to read... and most of the voice acting is pretty strong... some of it is silly, but it still works within the context of the games. Below is the english trailer for odin sphere.

these are both playstation 2 games... if you don't have a PS2 I would actually recommend picking up a used one just so you can play these games... they are really something new and different... I've found it hard to find any innovation in videogames in a long time... most games just rehash the same thing over and over with prettier graphics... But I think vanillaware is really doing something different... and I hope they are successful with it.

here's the video review on

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