Saturday, September 22, 2007

PARIS hotel room!!!!!

so i completely forgot to continue posting the rest of my pictures from my paris trip in april... here's some pictures of the hotel room... I will post more interesting one's next... but for now... experience the hotel room
here's the hotel bathroom... there was a shower nozzle... but almost no way to keep the water from pouring out all over the bathroom floor... so I mostly just took baths

here's the bed... and my crap

here is a gorgeous panoramic shot of the room in all its glory

this was the view from my window... there was a place to sit outside downstairs... but I never went there... it seemed silly to sit outside in the center of my hotel... when I could just sit outside anywhere in paris

spongebob is just as funny in french... i had no idea what they were saying... but it still made me laugh... that patrick gets me every time

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