Sunday, October 07, 2007


this weekend I met up with PJ and Carolyn in san francisco... we went to chrissy field... easily one of the prettiest spots in the city... and watched some wholesome military plane action
this is chrissy field... and some random guy... who looked lost
here's a bunch of boats... and holy crap... a giant navy boat... we're under attack!!!
here's the grounds at the palace of fine arts... its right near chrissy field... apparently its a museum for kids... I really wanted to go in... but PJ wouldn't let me

there's the famous dome of the palace of fine arts... and the equally famous water geyser of doom... which in this photo... almost rivals its height

here's some of those stunt planes... polluting the world with their smoke trails... they're alot bigger in real life

another polluting little stunt plane

the golden gate bridge and the top of someone's head

it was windy and my hair kept getting messed up... its okay though... cause I still looked damn good... PJ doesn't have any hair... so he didn't even have to worry about it

there was lots of squinting to be done this day as we stared up watching tiny planes do their fancy tricks

planes in formation... the word formation is a fancy military term... I have used it here today for your enjoyment

apparently you can go blind just staring at a picture of the sun... sorry

this kid was sporting these giant headphones... my geuss was he was listening to the soundtrack from Top Gun

there were lots and lots of dogs running around the beach... at least 12 people were brutally mauled

THE BLUE ANGELS... everyone was really excited to see these guys... and then they didn't really do much of anything exciting... except when they flew right over our heads and got ridiculously close... one poor soul was instantly decapitated... or at least they could've been... very dangerous

more blue angels... they kept doing cute little formation things... where they'd all fly around the same pivot... which made it so obvious that it was CG... maybe next year they can try to hide that better

more pollution... this is the reason for our depleted ozone... well this or the billions of cars... who really knows

yay... fleet week


3DBurke said...

You look like you're having so much fun Alex.

I'm jelous cause it's not raining in those photo's.

pjleffelman said...

Maybe you should have taken the job offer here then, eh?

Bert said...

PJ.. what kinda situation is this? hmm..?

Alex Fleisig said...

I like the rain though... but yes its nice to have sun and beaches too... I think we're supposed to get lots of rain soon... but they said that last year... and I don't remember much rain

Bert said...

it just rains instead of snowing- and.. not too often and not too much..