Sunday, October 14, 2007

more paris pictures... EIFFEL TOWER

When I was wandering around paris back in April... I got lots of views of the eiffel tower from different parts of the city... here's a bunch of them...

below are some shots of when I was riding up the elevator to the top of the tower

and below here... are some great views from the top of the tower... I had a map with me and kept trying to figure out what I was looking at and if I could find it on the map... it was a fantastic game... I know... I'm lame

tiny ants playing soccer down below
and here's moi

there were some performers and a big crowd gathered near the foot of the tower


Richard Oud said...

Those are great pictures Alex.. hope you come over to Europe again soon (or maybe I'll just stop by in the states..)

tomsaville said...

ALEX!!! Someone grew a beard on your face!!!

pjleffelman said...

That 3rd photo is fantastique, which is Japanese for "pretty fancy lookin'."

Katie said...

Great pictures. Just looking at them makes me feel like I've been there. Thanks for saving me £250 on Eurostar tickets.

sarah said...

Very neat Alex... I so very much want to go to Paris and your pictures make me want to travel there even more. Maybe next fall or something... :)

Hope all is well!