Saturday, November 10, 2007

another new drawing... shotgun mustache guy... (click for a bigger image)

here is a silly looking guy with a giant shotgun... shotguns are my favorite video game weapon of choice... which is my only annoyance with TEAM FORTRESS... it lacks a good shotgun that can blow someone away with one hit at close range... a really good shotgun in a video game should be able to blow away multiple baddies with one shot... as long as they are right in front of you and within about 5 feet... that's the whole thing when you're battling it out with a shotgun toting enemy... you keep your distance from him and you will beat him... but if he gets close, you're done... a thing that TF is sorely lacking... but Call of Duty 4 has it... I played the demo the other day, and the shotgun at point blank range is death... YAY... I'm very excited about that game... and about shooting my friends with shotguns... oh and you can buy it from STEAM... which means if you launch it from steam people can see when you are in the game... right click on your name and join it... which I think is brilliant


RayChase said...

When u use the shotgun in TF2 do you aim for the head or chest? I've killed several close up with a well place shot to the head...although they may have already been really damaged..or maybe i dreamed it

There needs to be a giant banana character...that would be awesome..

Rani Naamani said...

Awesome character Alex!!!

Alex Fleisig said...


greycoyote said...

I couldn't agree more about the shotguns. TF2 has caused more than one outraged smashing of my desk when I shoot a person in the back of the head 7 or 8 times with a shotgun and they turn around and 1-hit kill me with a shovel.

I love the drawing too, he kinda reminds me of Dr. Forrester from MST3K. With a shotgun.

Anonymous said...

You guys just suck at aiming with the shotgun in TF2.