Saturday, November 03, 2007

more new songs

got some more new songs on my site
the newer ones are at the bottom of the list...
use headphones...
cause they sound much yuckier without them...
if you're using linux I think you have to use explorer...
I don't think those linux browsers read mp3s...
or maybe they do...
and I just don't know what I'm talking about as usual...
here's the whole list in case you are lazy...
"Float Away"
"Reasure Me"
"No Way Out"
"Broken Minds"
"Seperated World"
"Hold On"
"Worst for Me"
"What I Must Do"
"Leave Me This Way"
"Welcome to the Complicated Side"
"Falling Through The Floor"
"The Same"
"Come Up For Air"
"Constant Loop"
"Follow Us"
"Rip Away"
"Let You Live Inside"
"Thin Air"
"The Door"
"Forget It"
"Knotted Up"
"Games of Indifference"
"Am I Even There"


RayChase said...

Do you record these solo or do you have a "band"? They sound pretty good Alex...lyrics are kinda hard to hear that intentional?

i look forward to your first CD release....

Alex Fleisig said...

I do everything in the songs... there's no fleisig band... yeah with the vocals, I'm trying to keep them really subdued and blended into the rest of the music... sometimes its more successful than others... sometimes it just ends up being hard to hear... anyway... its just a silly side hobby that I enjoy... not taking it too seriously... that's why some of the songs sound a little unfinished and messy