Sunday, December 09, 2007

Thanksgiving in Seattle

here's some pics from my thanksgiving in seattle...

we played an absurd amount of ROCK BAND

ROCCO the cat was present
here's the burke's new puppy... his name is DANGER... for obvious reasons... cuteness can be quite treacherous
the new burke kitchen

this turkey's being burked

on friday we went to see enchanted... karen worked on it
friday night we went into bellevue and went to a sports bar
kristie gives this sports bar TWO THUMBS UP

the giant soft pretzels were AMAZING

we ordered a whole bunch of appetizers and a whole bunch of beer
joe "burger-time" gorski... its not WHATABURGER but it will do
andrew "chicken-time" burkesaturday we all bundled up for a trip into seattle... PJ hadn't been there yet... so all the usual site seeing things had to be sighted
PJ was excited... HARDCORE excited
back to the space needle... time to climb it again
they wouldn't let us climb it this time... so we took the elevator
karen is from seattle so she knows tons of cool facts... which sucked... cause that meant I couldn't make up facts and pretend to know what I was talking about
here's a video of karen leading a tour... and giving her review of the space needle's spinny restaurant...

back down the elevator

right in the center of seattle there were crazy people with funny signs
heading down to the markets

its the very first starbucks... it was insanely crowded... so we went to SEATTLE'S BEST COFFEE instead... which proved adequate

here's a video of a band playing near the mall in seattle


Mish said...

the first picture is the best because we're totally ROCKING OUT

Amila said...

Hee hee. All photo blog entries should have Alex narration. Just as entertaining as the pics. Man! It looks like you guys had soo much fun. I wish we could have been there:(

Alex Fleisig said...

thats what you get for living billions of miles away

tell blue sky to move to nevada

RayChase said...

Nice shirt in that last picture Alex..

Alex Fleisig said...

i was hoping you would see that mr ray

pjleffelman said...

I rocked those drums so hard. So so hard.

Uadijt said...