Monday, March 31, 2008

i went to tahoe this past weekend to try snowboarding for the first time

i borrowed an awesome pair of bono glasses from bailey for the weekend
nara, like many of us, fell down alot

a few of us took a beginners snowboarding class
after the class we ate up above the lodge in the freezing cold... who's idea was that?
i look like i'm in pain... because i am... snowboarding hurts... but its a fun hurt

tahoe has alot of pine trees... fortunately I was able to avoid hitting all of them

rani and richard at our cabin garage
richard, carlos and rani... rani was dressed exactly like a gi joe i used to have

my awesome snowboarding pose... without the snowboard

here I am at the border of california and nevada... we had about ten minutes to run over and see the casinos before we had to be at the snowmobiling place

here's andrew high rolling it at the 25cent slot machine

here's the little tahoe shopping area near the border... pretty
here is the biker version of me that has been waiting years to come out... and I don't mean in a gay way here's some more wicked awesome snowboarders
katrina and andrew being super frickin wicked awesome
man hugs... rani's dream vacation
this is the pained smile of a man who bruised his tailbone snowboarding
snowmobiling ended up being one of the most fun things i've ever done in my life... we actually did a bunch of jumps too

rani liked it too

its the end of the trip... time to say goodbye and drive back

but first lets rock out in the snow

on the way back we went to OLIVE GARDEN... which made me ridiculously happy
many of these californians had never eaten at an olive garden... because many californians are food snobs and think olive garden is below them... but miraculously they all loved it... it was a great day for olive garden lovers everywhere
the only negative was that we were all stuffed beyond comprehension... cory said the portion control person in the kitchen was not doing their job...
yay breadsticks


Guillermo said...

I love Olive Garden.

And a man hug every now and then.

Glad that you guys had so much fun!

pjleffelman said...

If Rani ever releases an album, he should use that photo of him in the car as his cover.

TaniaMC said...

Great pictures Alex. It looks like you guys had a really awesome time! I don't know why more people don't rock out in the snow...

Michelle said...

you're right....rani looks like a skinny gi joe action figure. sweet.

looks fun!

Anonymous said...


Looks like you had a great time. I have not tried snowboarding. I still like to ski. Too bad you didn't do any skiing in college. Glad you are having fun in both life and career.


Rani Naamani said...

Props for the great pics Alex! waiting 4 u to join the band...

Alex Fleisig said...

i actually did ski once in college... but i fell alot... and it was icy... and it sucked... and i hated that my legs kept going off in different directions... and that i had all these tools attached to every limb... it was so unwieldy... i liked snowboarding alot more... i think if i did it a few more times... and if the instructor would properly teach me how to stop then i would be set

Amila said...

Sweet! Looks like a great time indeed! As always, the narration is priceless:)