Monday, April 21, 2008

about 2 weeks ago dreamworks had a MAD2 halfway safari party... i didn't have my camera so these aren't my pictures... they're mark deckers

there were tons of super cute animals...
the bunnies were easily the best...
but the baby goats were really cute too


the chickens were surprisingly soft... i've been told they make good pets... too bad we choose to munch their heads with our teeth and store them in our stomachs instead... poor chickens

the bunnies were ridiculously soft... like they were made of clouds or magic or sunshine

here the ducks are keeping their distance... they might be worried carlos is going to eat them

the ducks refused to let anyone touch them... they would stay in a tight group... and anytime anyone would start to get close they would all start quacking and running away together... i only saw one kid actually manage to pet one... it was a great victory for mankind

its scott leemer

they drove people around in these nifty golf carty safari things

this goat was cool...
but also had a mean streak... he stepped on this tiny little white bunny once...
and the bunny squealed and the goat wouldn't lift his foot up...
it was fairly horrifying...
eventually though... the goat released his death grip
and the bunny ran off to be pet by many small children


Anonymous said...

i got a picture of you having a taste of clouds or magic or sunshine here.

your secret admirer ;D

Amila said...

Man, that's so sweet that PDI had a petting zoo for you guys. I wish Blue Sky would have a petting zoo for Ice Age 3. Ah, how awesome would it be to pet a Scrat or Mammoth...or even a cute little T-rex. *sigh*

Michelle said...

chickens are delicious alex...get over your chicken love.

i remember that i wanted a pet bunny one time, and then joe wanted a cat. so we got a cat, and she's not nearly as soft and fluffy as a rabbit and she's mean. i really wish i had a pet bunny.

tonymation said...

What do bunnies taste like?

Alex Fleisig said...

ooo neat
i have a secret
picture taking
admirer person

i want to pet a scrat too

maybe one day science can create
a scrat using a combination of
different mammals and using
the power of science

Michelle said...

bunnies taste like chicken. they're equally delicious.