Monday, April 07, 2008

i had a bunch of people over for my 30th today... here's a few pics from the historic event

this party was a fun mesh of old dna friends, pixar friends and pdi friends... we played a bunch of video games... including the new super smash bros for the wii... which despite what anyone else says... is extremely AMAZING... especially if everyone plays as pikachu
katrina always strikes the best poses... either that or its just some weird condition she has
here's carlos sitting next to his exact wii likeness... its as though they are one and the same
hey... yay... they got me a cake... which was very tasty
the key to blowing out candles is to use as much spit and saliva as humanly possible
there were two of these weird phallic party blower things... one of them made lots of noise but didn't extend... and the other extended but made no noise... i don't really know where else to go with this

here's my old pixar office buddy, nick... and next to him is my new pdi buddy, gearmo... nick and gearmo... together they share a connection... her name is lindsay... apparently she visited from LA a little while ago... and didn't tell gearmo... but did tell nick... this was discussed with heavy amounts of anger and distaste... watch out lindsay... the next time you see gearmo... he may punch a hole through your face with his iron fists... he's been practicing on watermelons...
also... gearmo brought orangina... the favorite beverage of my 30th birthday party... fanta was also consumed... but could simply not compete


Amila said...

woo hoo!! Happy belated b-day Alex! Ah how I miss the days of playing video games at your apartment. Oh the memories:) Hope your birthday was everythign you hoped it would be!

Michelle said...

happy birthday alex! looks like your new apartment is pretty nice.

Lindsay said...

happy belated Alex!

Guillermo would never punch me... though... he might punch you for calling him Gearmo. :)

If I had been in san fran for more than 18 hours I would have called some folks... I didn't even see my dad that weekend haha.

pjleffelman said...

Happy birthday Alex. I made you lots of money while I was in Las Vegas and not at your apartment for your party.