Monday, May 05, 2008

this time i'll start with scotland

this past march i took a trip to rome, florence and scotland... I'll show you the pictures from the scotland part first... I was there for the last 4 days of my trip... and it was great... glasgow continues to be my favorite city in the world... if you've never been there... you need to visit... and you need to go on a weekend... so you can see all the great activity on the street... unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of glasgow on this trip... but since i never posted pics from last years trip... i'll post those in a later post... soon to come we went to this amazing little seaside highland town called oban... where we ate better italian food then anything i ate in italy... wierd

here's christopher, alan and helen in front of this tower thing... that i can't remember the name of... but you could see all of oban from the top... and it reminded me of the coliseum... which i had just been to a few days before... except this was considerably smaller... and still fully intact
iron bru!!!!... one of the greatest sodas ever invented... and the reason children in scotland lose their teeth at an early age
here's me in front of this amazing scottish castle that was closed... we couldn't get inside... but it was still a great adventure... i could've sworn i heard helen scream at one point... and alan and i ran around to the other side of the castle... and she was gone... but it turned out she was just around the corner... and not at all eaten to death by trolls
there was this cool dock and loch right next to the castle...luckily none of us were eaten by giant loch monsters
we found 2 dead sheep near the castle... we thought it might have been wolves... but later behind the castle we found a plastic bag filled with empty beer cans... and one of the sheep had a bloody bum... you can draw your own conclusions
some of the most beautiful landscapes you'll ever see are in scotland
SCOTTISH DUCKS... they quack with a cool accent

below are some pics from a famous scottish highland jail we visited that won best museum in Europe one year, and second best museum in the UK another year... it was definitely a very cool museum... but the courtroom wax figure exhibit pretty much scared the crap out of all of us

below are some pictures from edinburgh... alan and i took the train there from glasgow... its only about 35 minutes away... its a gorgeous city... and much more artsy fartsy looking then glasgow... but glasgow is still way better


Amila said...
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Amila said...

Man! Scotland is beautiful!!!

Michelle said...

nice pictures, but you're not doing the 'what i ate in...' series that i requested. i want to see all the pictures of egg salad that you ate.

gasman said...

simply amazing, Alex! Looks like you had a wonderful experience. I'm jealous!!