Saturday, December 13, 2008

some of phil's pictures from the PDI christmas party... yay parties... there was breakdancing and bellydancing


don't shoot

nara and andrew... hello

laser ring laser blast

why didn't someone tell me my face was on fire

rani showing off the dance moves

me and my lovely kristie

in the marines rani learned how to snap three necks at once

men wearing jewelry

belly dancing time

bearded bryce

rani getting a little too close to carlos

after the heroin

richard did magic

breakdancing madness

me and rex... what am i looking at

lou putting the moves on rani

fancy schmancy martini drinking

its PHIL... he took these pictures... thanks phil


tonymation said...

Dude you and Rani are starting to look like brothers...


Mish said...

fun...Laika had their christmas party on saturday too. it was good but the music got too loud late in the night so we bailed.

your kristie IS quite lovely, way to go alex!! (internet high five!)