Thursday, January 29, 2009

all my clothes gone

its all chinese new years fault

we went to drop off 2 weeks of my clothes
at the chinese wash and fold place
but even though they had the open sign up
they were closed

so i forgot and left the laundry bag in the backseat

and that night


they broke the window and stole all my clothes

so i went to target and bought 300 dollars
worth of replacement black shirts and jeans

but most of my special animation shirts are gone
except for my monsters vs aliens, wallace and gromit, ratatouille and horton shirts

but nemo was my favorite... so sad...
i think i can sort of replace it though...
my old pixar pals are helping me out tomorrow...

i hope i can somehow replace the madagascar ones


Amila said...

That's terrible Alex!! I sure do hope you are able to replace them all. What a bummer:( Bad things shouldn't happen to good people. Sad, sad, sad....:(
Good thing Target's there to help you through all of this;P

Alex Fleisig said...

ah its not so bad... but it seemed blog worthy... target does indeed rock... so much better then walmart... i got jeans better and more comfortable then all the gap jeans i had... and they were only 20 bucks a piece... incredible... i must sound really cheap right now... i'm going to stop

tonymation said...

Viva la Target!!!

sorry about your unfortunate clothes napping. Were there any ransom notes?

kristie said...

i think you forgot to mention that it's MY CAR.

Alex Fleisig said...

ha ha


kristie's car...
twas her window that was smashed

but none of the 50 billion things she had in the backseat were taken

just alex's entire bag of dirty laundry

Amila said...

Oh my. I'm sorry to hear that it was your car Kristie:( Boo. Hopefully you've managed to get it all fixed up. Unfortunately, I don't think Target can help you with that;P

Burke said...

I've always wondered how I could into your pants. Now I know.

Anonymous said...

why would the chinese laundry service break into your car to get the clothes. determination, ambition, impatience?

RayChase said...

wow Alex that's terrible should hunt them down...