Friday, February 20, 2009

really cool half life short film... this is just part one... can't wait to see more

here's the info about the project...

Directed by The Purchase Brothers.

The Escape From City 17 short film series is an adaptation based on the Half Life computer game saga by Valve Corporation. Originally envisioned as a project to test out numerous post production techniques, as well as a spec commercial, it ballooned into a multi part series. Filmed guerilla style with no money, no time, no crew, no script, the first two episodes were made from beginning to end on a budget of $500.

Additional Notes:

Valve flew the team out to Seattle last year, and the brothers have been in communication with them since.

David and Ian Purchase are commercial directors represented by Sons and Daughters in Toronto. They are working on an unannounced feature film. Not HL related.

They have been huge fans of HL since the days of "ivan the space biker'
Represented for commercials at

After getting back online. It has now crashed a second time due to high traffic. Getting it back up... again. To contact us email at this temp addess:

oh here... i just found part 2...

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