Wednesday, May 06, 2009

a few more vegas pics that kristie took... she's such a good little picture taker

there was a guy in FAO schwartz riding a skateboard while juggling bowling pins... he dropped one and then almost wiped out trying to pick it up... but somehow didn't and then i thought he was going to run into us... but he didn't and then i wanted to juggle too... so i grabbed three little stuffed pandas and had my way with them... in a purely platonic juggling way of course

i got a banana colada at a bar in the venetian cause its good and right to have banana colades while on holiday... perhaps not in vegas... but definitely at the beach... bartenders in vegas look at you wierd when you ask for one... but not in hawaii... in hawaii they know exactly what you mean... mexico is good for it too... but we don't want to go there now... not even for banana coladas

here's some more motion blurred panda juggling... i've animated juggling 3 or 4 times in my career i think... somehow i always ended up with the juggling shots... one time sheen was juggling pterodactyl eggs and he broke one... strangely violent for a kids show... but i guess pterodactyls wouldn't hesitate to eat us alive... so maybe breaking one egg isn't so bad... i also animated a juggling circus walrus... and sheen dressed as a clown juggling... maybe that was all... i feel like there must have been one more... hmmm

here's a wildly clever photo of the pretty venetian umbrellas... this photo could win a pulitzer or an emmy or even MVP of the nba finals... good job kristie

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