Wednesday, June 03, 2009

yay... mass effect 2

mass effect was one of my favorite games ever

i played through the first time
trying to be nice to everyone and solving as much as i could without violence

then i tried playing through the whole game a second time
as an evil mean person
giving nasty responses and killing everyone i could

but i couldn't play very long that way

the game is so immersive... that it was making me feel really crappy

i even played that little expansion they released fun

anyway... yes... amazing game


tomsaville said...

I love your haiku's, Alex!

Kartoon Koyote said...

I was pretty much the whole reason Mass 1 was any good. Now that I'm not there, this sequel, I don't know....

Actually I'm very psyched for the game. I managed to use my breathtaking good looks and charm to get into the press demo at E3, and it looks fantastic. New weapons, improved graphics (no more texture load delays) and looks like some crazy story twists. It's gonna be 'the awesome.'