Sunday, October 18, 2009

here's some videos i took at six flags... they have alot of animals there

lets start with the elephant show... it was awesome... and i got to pet her... felt like wrinkly wet leather with tiny hairs... not really that pleasant... much better to pet maia

here's the elephant getting a banana and walking around

here's she is doing a cool spin trick

here she is playing catch

here she is sitting and saying goodbye... right before we got to pet her

we saw an amazing tiger show but i wasn't sitting close enough to get any good video... so after the show was over i went closer and caught the white tiger swimming in the water to get meat... and discovered there's basically no hope if a tiger is after you... you can't climb a tree or jump in the water... they can follow you anywhere

here's a gigantic walrus monster clapping with some kids... we were told later he was doing this cause its mating season... creepy

here's the walrus right before swimming away... BYE WALRUS

there was a spot where you could go and watch the dolphins really close... but you couldn't pet them unless you joined a special program and gave the park lots of money... the screaming in the background are either people being eaten alive by dolphins or the roller coaster riders... we'll never really know for sure

here's the end of the crazy disco dolphin show... you can just catch the end of the last really cool trick... we asked and none of these dolphins were from japan and are not the dolphins from the movie "the cove"... some of our crew were very concerned about this... but most of these dolphins were rescued from bad situations... abusive mothers and drug addict fathers... stuff like that

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