Friday, September 03, 2010

pointing at the pacific ocean... on the road to hana

roosters and cats living together... what does it mean

apparently there's lots of shark monsters in this water

supposedly the best banana bread in maui... it is still not better than gearmo's and brit's

uncle harry's fruit stand... but i don't remember having an uncle harry... also... the smoothie needed more bananas... and more sugar... and more YUM

hmmm... should we swim here


amila said...

Ahh Hana. I have some great memories from there. Sorry your food isn't as delightful as you'd like. While you're there though you HAVE to try the apple bannanas, strawberry papayas, white pineapple, lychee, lilikoi, and the delightful avacodos. Everytime I go home, these are among the MUST haves. Nom nom.

Guillermo said...

The 4th picture comment