A bunch of my animation work from the Jimmy Neutron Show

Sunday, December 12, 2010

here's that owl with the seashell bra that i was talking about... i think nara drew this one... awesome

enjoying PJ's new motorcycle

maia was born to ride

maia falling asleep at the wheel again

maia's new hardcore biker gang

lets all make the same face now

man and dog strangled to death while doing some hardcore biking


pictures from nara's going away party... playing telephone pictionary... super fun!

we sit in a circle and each write a sentence... then we pass the pad to the next person and they have to draw your sentence on the next page... then they pass it to the next person... and they have to write what they think the drawing is... and so on... alternating between drawing and sentence... usually by the last person the drawing is nothing like the first sentence... this game makes you laugh so hard that you're crying and trying not to fart and have a heart attack all at once... its amazing

the hippo is eating a burger... by me

the pig is eating an apple... by me

the penguin loves hershey kisses... by me... kristie started this sentence... and it ended up being an owl has a seashell bra

vomiting baby... by gearmo i think... the first sentence had nothing to do with babies or vomit

hamster eating a burger... by kev i think... this one eventually turned into a hippo eating a burger

richard simons... by chris i think... i think this became something about gene simmons... but then became some crazy goth wrestler on fire or something like that

stop squishing meeeeeee