Sunday, December 12, 2010

enjoying PJ's new motorcycle

maia was born to ride

maia falling asleep at the wheel again

maia's new hardcore biker gang

lets all make the same face now

man and dog strangled to death while doing some hardcore biking



Claudio Mccarty said...

I love the fact that Maia is cool with posing for pics while she's on the motorcycle! Haha! It doesn't seem like you had a hard time carrying her while posing for those pictures. Anyway, how have you been enjoying the ride? What brand of motorcycle is that, anyway?

Alex Fleisig said...

Maia's a pretty easy going corgi. She'll gladly ride any type of motorcycle. I don't know what brand this one is. Actually, I don't know anything about motorcycles. This one belongs to my friend, PJ.