Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Viking Drawing

Here's a new drawing I did for Drawer Geeks of vikings trying to kill each other. There are 2 nasty tangents in this drawing, but I draw with pen, and there's no erasing. Vikings are almost like pirates, and talk like a pirate day was a few days ago. The end.


pj leffelman said...

:O you animate your shots with tangents like that, boy?

bah, i'm just kidding.

yay, comments!

it's really fun. it reminds me of Blizzard's old game Lost Vikings for some reason. rock on.

sarah said...

Vikingriffic! How are you colouring these? Get ready for my drawergeeks topic next! Hurrah!

sarah said...

Oh and Stephen and I went to the Muse concert. So fun! We should have brought earplugs though :(

Alex Fleisig said...

oh yeah, muse would be loud... the new album is sooooooo good. I'm coloring these pictures in photoshop, with the whole multiply effect thing, so I don't lose the lines. I'm still using a mouse. I didn't buy any wacom or cintique, yet.