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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Because I loved Ninja Turtles so much

So, because I loved ninja turtles so much, I decided to go to rotten tomatoes and copy and paste all the good reviews for your viewing pleasure. First here is my review...
"I can't stop thinking about how fun this movie was, and can't wait to go see it again. Raphael rocks!!!" -Alex Fleisig
...Okay... now here's what real reviewers said...
3/4The animated fight scenes are both beautiful and realistic. You forget you're watching a computer-animated feature. In a film about ninja turtles, you couldn't really ask for anything more. Other than perhaps a sequel, that is.
3/4Shedding the confines of the original 1990s live-action versions, the new TMNT runs free with crisp, malleable animation and kick-ass action.
3/4The action is breakneck and practically uninterrupted. We're talking a young boy's dream come true.
3/4TMNT offers some real thrills. The computer animation gives the turtles relatively believable expressions, movements, musculature and (green) skin tones.
3.5/5TMNT is a fun, action-filled adventure that will satisfy longtime fans and generate a legion of new ones.
As a piece of film design, the movie is first-rate; on sheer aesthetics alone, it rivals Triumph of the Will for astonishments.
8/10The movie works despite its well-designed but boringly realized bad guy, a real testament to the well-defined, decently written characters of the Turtles themselves.
4/5really nothing more than an overblown Saturday morning cartoon, but it didn't need to be anything more than that. The turtles rocked, and I had a blast.


Bert said...

I bought the TMNT arcade game on XBOX live. get me when you see me on XBOX live- yay-!!

Alex Fleisig said...

oh cool...
andrew has it too...
make sure to buy worms also bert!!!
its really fun... I always set up the games with 5 sheep per team... and one banana bomb. It has proven to be the best way to go.

3DBurke said...

You need to forward all these to Brian. He hated the movie and has to be conviced it is indeed awsome.

Alex Fleisig said...

brian does need to be convinced. and if we fail in convincing him, he will just have to be destroyed.

sir_tubby said...

your going to have to destroy most of the world then, because he ain't alone! woot