Tuesday, June 12, 2007


This past weekend I went down to disneyland to see the nemo submarine ride that I worked on. I invited some friends to come with me. Here is a video of the making of the ride, followed by some pictures of the trip.

kevin and scott both worked on the nemo ride with me... as you can tell from this picture... kevin has lots of energy... and scott likes to sleep

I invited andrew and brian down to see the ride... pixar was nice enough to let us bring 4 guests with us

here we are preparing for tomorrow's adventures

the next day... driving to disneyland... brian is very excited

andrew points to disneyland... reminiscent of babe ruth's famous point toward the stands where he hit his 2 millionth home run

waiting to get into disney... we are so close... just outside the gates... if we don't get in soon PJ is going to tip over and crush carolyn

still waiting to get inside... andrew points yet again

brian F menz

the sign for the ride... this is how we knew we were in the right place... that's what signs are for

waiting in line for the sub... youngjae comes out of no where like a ninja... PJ dies 5 seconds later of a katana wound... coincidence?

yay... almost on the ride...

this is not the nemo ride... its not even a sub... its just a stupid raft

inside the sub... I found out later... this thing didn't even have working torpedoes... lame

I have ridden the ride... and it was good

andrew at the magic castle... can you feel the magic

I geuss this is how andrew prepares for a roller coaster

here you can see the intensity that is PJ's roller coaster face


brian got so excited that he drooled all over himself

and then he went crazy and attacked andrews ear

brian desperately wanted some maquettes from the disney store... but alas he failed in his mission to find his perfect maquette... I thought he should have bought one of these... shown below... but he also failed to take my awesome advice

a blurry space mountain picture... see if you can figure out who is who... can you spot jingle

its lego man again... he was dustier then the last time we met

PJ cares not about dust... only about love

I made everyone ride mr toads wild ride

can these people be any more excited for mr toad

after the mr toad ride... andrew is not happy about mr toad... but mr toad is happy that we joined him on his adventures... through HELL... no really... the ride takes you through hell

84,400 in astro blasters... beat that John Lassetter... or uh... brian... my right eyeball hurt at the end of this ride... from having to squint with one eye the whole time... it was worth it though... even if I went blind it would have been worth it

I'm still good at tricking people into going to boston market... in fact I think you should go there

HOLLYWOOD STARS!!! the one on the right reads, ALEX FLEISIG... or barbera streisand... I didn't have my glasses with me

we had to get to the airport... but first... we made scott drive us all over the valley and show us some of the beauty LA had to offer

just beyond these trash cans... if you look really hard you can see the hollywood sign... also see if you can spot jingle

ah... a trip to the beach... we didn't have time to get out of the car though

a view of the valley from some high place

uh oh... time to get to the airport... what a great trip... thank you mickey!!!


Richard Oud said...

Hahaha, you crack me up Alex! I love the descriptions of your pics...

RayChase said...

Mr Toad so were wise to make everyone ride it..

Mish said...

i think i did see jingle in one of those pictures...

PeePoo aka Ptickle said...

Great pics! Ahh man, I wish I could have gone, it looks like you guys had a blast. Actually, I'm too fat to keep up with you in Disneyland, it's probably a good thing I couldn't go. I can't believe Brian didn't buy a maquette, hell, you can see Sher Kahn in one of the photos, that maquette is awesome! Way to drop the ball Brian. Toodles!!

pjleffelman said...

Camera 1, Camera 2.