Saturday, June 16, 2007


My favorite basketball team, the San Antonio Spurs won the championship again. I'm not much of a sports fan, but there's something about basketball... I love to watch it, and I love to play it.

And yes, its weird that my favorite basketball team is in San Antonio, a place I have never lived, or even visited. But I have loved watching them ever since I first got into bball, back when David Robinson and Avery Johnson were just starting their careers. Before Tim Duncan even existed. They've always been a team that showed great fundamentals, played good team basketball, and was never about trash talking... except for dennis rodman... but he was only there for a couple of years.I don't think there's a more exciting trio to watch in basketball right now than these 3... from left to right... manu ginobili (from argentina), tim duncan (from the virgin islands), and tony parker (from paris)

Tony Parker, the amazingly talented french point guard for the spurs, looks strangely similar to my old pixar animation supervisor, Bobby Podesta... Coincidence?



oh, here's another interesting coincidence... the very first basketball game I ever went to was back in 1999... it was the SPURS vs CAVS in cleveland... they lost that game really badly... but the SPURS then went on to win their first championship that year... this year it was the CAVS that they defeated in the finals... SPURS vs CAVS in cleveland...
...also I went to Paris, and tony parker is from paris...
...also San Antonio has multiple letter A's in it...and my name starts with an A
...they have won 4 championships in 9 years now... they're starting to call them a dynasty... neat...


Mish said...

you never went to san antonio? best city in texas! you should go someday, it's great.

pjleffelman said...

A dynasty?! Man, I remember when a team had to win the finals three years in a row and then do it again before they were called that. Yeah, that's right, try and mess with the Bulls. Just try.

Ok, maybe not. They were good growing up but I know nothing about sports.

Bert said...

hey..... this season has died when Warriors failed.. after that.. it has been all about being jealous of Tony Parker's ill skillz and hot fiance.. she's pretty, yes.

Anonymous said...

Alex, I am surprised you remember the Spurs vs Cavs in 1999. That was an early birthday gift if I remember. My hat is off to you, for them winning the championship. I just wish my team played better. It was a great season for the Cavs anyhow. I was upset to see Cleveland get swept in 4 games, but they all where close. Congradulations.