Tuesday, August 14, 2007


my mom's still here... today we took a trip out to half moon bay... mark behm lives there... and I can see why... it is a gorgeous spot

I love the beach... no really I do... its one of my favorite thingies

there's a neat little touristy town area that we thoroughly explored

people climbing slowly down to the beach

fake cats... some say they are better than real cats... especially when piled together in baskets

holy antiques... they are everywhere at half moon bay

the pacific ocean is everywhere at half moon bay too

people like to ride large mammals at half moon bay

the intense waves of half moon bay... I was so close to breaking out the surf board and showing off my moves... I didn't want to have to sign autographs afterwards though... so I played it cool instead

someone stole my shoes... again

mom enjoying the view

children flee from great white sharks

mom's waiting for me to get bored with the water and climb back up


metal dinosaurs... made of pure metal

mom enjoying the quiet


tomsaville said...

You've got a beard on your face.

Alex Fleisig said...

you can touch it if you want

Bert said...

Tom, is that fake cat same with what you have on your desk here?

tragnark said...

dude what digital camera do you have? it takes really good pictures.

Alex Fleisig said...

kodak easyshare v530...
its great