Sunday, August 12, 2007

my mom's visiting

my mom is visiting this weekend... all the way from pennsylvania... which is practically on the other side of the world
we went into san francisco... and I made her walk alot
I also made her pretend to be a simpson

we walked around through china... or chinatown as they call it

we explored burlingame... where they were having a little town fair... it was nice and quaint

this little scene from burlingame reminded me of the outdoor cafes from paris... except without french people... and without grey poupon

we went to pier 39... there's alcatraz in the background... if you really squint you can see escaped prisoners trying to swim to san francisco

these sea lions at pier 39 were having an argument

here's more sea lions slumbering at pier 39

the craziest thing happened... at a sushi restaurant in chinatown... I ran into this girl nicole, who's from australia, who I met in hawaii a few years ago... she just happened to be in the same restaurant... INSANITY... we both took pictures so we could prove that it really happened

also the restaurant had these cool little floaty boat things that carried your sushi to you... BRILLIANT!!!

here's a pic of the entrance to pier 39

more pier 39

a lovely picture of coit tower and the pointy building


Mish said...

i like the pictures of the sea lions. i want to go pet one.

my mom and dad are coming to visit this week too. what a strange coincidence.

TaniaMC said...

I agree Mish, I saw the pictures of the sea lions and had an immediate urge to snuggle one.

Great pictures, Alex!

Alex Fleisig said...

sea lions just love to be snuggled

tomwright said...

Meeting that girl twice in two far off places... maybe it's serendipity! Maybe that's the girl you're suppose to marry!