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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween at PDI


corey dressed up like the ma-na-mi-na muppet guy
my podmate eunjin did not dress up... for shame eunjin
my other podmate mark did dress up... as that guy from RENO 911 ...and won the costume contest... and also disturbed us all... but we were still very proud of him... podmate is a wierd term... I should stop using itchris sort of dressed up

rani's costume was the best of all

banana at lunch
for lunch I had a banana
things got ugly after the alleged banana canibalism... that reno 911 guy came after me
excessive force
police brutality
after I was cleared of all charges... I decided to blow off some steam with some banana basketball

here is a pickle in human form... and mariana was kiki from kiki's delivery service
there's me as a banana... cory as the muppet... mark as the reno guy... and katrina as a hippie zombie with her pet zombie monkey that bit her face... I told her to keep that damn monkey away from me... cause we all know what monkeys eat
this girl was dressed as the girl from king kong wrapped in kong's giant gorilla hand... during the contest she did an amazing acting job... re-enacting the crazy shaking about from the film... the picture does not do it justice... she won the costume contest too
rex was a hillbilly witch... his accent was brilliant... but alas I can not represent it in blog form


Richard Oud said...

Those pictures are funny as hell.. I love your expressions Alex!

I think Rani should have won the contest, but the Reno guy was pretty good to!

Awesome stuff sir!

Bert said...

Ah-? Are you sitting next to Eunjin? say hello to her for me- hahah.. and.. hmm.. Rani is the best-!!

pjleffelman said...

I can't believe Rani didn't win!

Those pictures of you playing basketball would work great in an animated gif. You should make one of those.

Or, you should make one of you dancing like the peanut butter jelly guy.

Either one would be great. Animated gifs rock. This is the best idea I've ever had.

Alex Fleisig said...


that means a stealer of ideas

RayChase said...

A banana eating a banana...I always wanted to see that..and now I have... thank you Alex!!

You should pick some random time to wear that again...maybe at the Christmas party..

Alex Fleisig said...

i know

its a shame that it will just sit in a closet for the next 200 years

perhaps i could decorate it with white fuzzy things and colored eggs... and some sort of banana-bunny ears... then I could be the easter bunnany... but it would have to be called something far more clever

Pee Poo said...

Did anyone tell you to make like a banana and split? because I would have. Nice one alex!!

Joe said...

Alex that is your funniest post in the history of Fleisig posts.

Your blog has been FLEISIGED.

Alex Fleisig said...

you touch my heart joe...
my cold banana heart

Mish said...

the banana costume rocks. you make the best banana-person ever, alex.

tonymation said...

I have to admit... Alex as a banana makes me wish I was a giant spoon.

Nice pix Alex. It would have been cool if the judges said,

"The winner of the contest, by split decision, is Alex the Banana!"

Guillermo said...

I love bananas. They prevent muscle cramps, stimulate digestion and make you a better person. Good job Alex.

Alex Fleisig said...

spoken like a true guillermo