A bunch of my animation work from the Jimmy Neutron Show

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

we went to a rockets warriors game and saw yao ming... kristie got to sit close cause she's a fancy chinese reporter... the rest of us had nosebleeds

here we are in our nosebleed seats... there were still 6 rows behind us... so it wasn't the absolute top
none of our noses were actually bleeding though... so we were happy
the warriors got demolished by the rockets... yay yao ming... i geuss i live in san francisco now though... so i should root for the warriors... hmmm
kristie took alot of photos of yao... he scowled at her here... perhaps saying... stop it... she did not stop
if yao can do this in public so can i

Monday, December 15, 2008

kristie and i went to see the monthly corgi meetup... she took a bunch of great pictures... here's a few of them

i'm planning on getting a corgi soon... so i went to the monthly san francisco corgi get together in the park to ask corgi owners lots of questions about where to get corgis and stuff
all the corgi's were soooooo friendly and so were their owners... i have yet to meet an unfriendly corgi or corgi owner in my entire life

kristie got an awesome picture here... crazy eyed corgi moment
rub my belly now
this was the rarest type of corgi... called a blue murei... really pretty... the owner told me he was 11 years old... but he looks like he's still a puppy

this is bryson... he's a super cool and friendly corgi... amazingly soft fur... the chrismas necklace rocked
one of the corgi's had a little wheelchair... they sometimes develop back problems as they get older... so you're supposed to feed them these vitamins that help with that... yay vitamins

Saturday, December 13, 2008

some of phil's pictures from the PDI christmas party... yay parties... there was breakdancing and bellydancing


don't shoot

nara and andrew... hello

laser ring laser blast

why didn't someone tell me my face was on fire

rani showing off the dance moves

me and my lovely kristie

in the marines rani learned how to snap three necks at once

men wearing jewelry

belly dancing time

bearded bryce

rani getting a little too close to carlos

after the heroin

richard did magic

breakdancing madness

me and rex... what am i looking at

lou putting the moves on rani

fancy schmancy martini drinking

its PHIL... he took these pictures... thanks phil

Friday, December 12, 2008


i miss xplay... stupid comcast doesn't include G4 in the basic cable

Monday, December 01, 2008


kristie made some great veggie dishes for me for thanksgiving... below you can witness her influence on my usually empty fridge
real mashed potatoes... betty crocker did not make an appearance this year
green bean casserole... yummy
lump of ocean spray cranberry sauce made an appearance... awesome as always
crazy good mack and cheese... get in my belly
thanks for the great dinner kristie... YOU ROCK... i provided rolls and cranberry sauce... and dish washing... i rock a little too...